Set out on an adventure that challenges all the codes of the RPG genre, toying with its boundaries to create something unlike anything you've ever seen.
In a world full of magic and adventure, a young boy starts his apprenticeship to become a knight, protector of the Kingdom.
He will face many challenges along the way, but overcoming them will allow him to grow into the hero the world needs.
Join him in his quest to find himself, as his steps guide him towards something way bigger than him: the mystery surrounding the very nature of mankind and the fabric of reality itself.

Download You Doesn't Exist (268M):
[ Windows ] - [ Linux/MacOS ]



How long is the game?

It should take between 4 and 8 hours.

What is it like?

It's half way between Chrono Trigger, Earthbound and the Stanley Parable.

What systems are supported?

I'm using the RPGboss framework, so it should run on Windows, Linux and MacOS provided you have Java.

What do I do if I find a bug/typo?

Report it to yo2525yo @ and I'll be more than happy to help you and fix it!

How much does it cost?

This game is completely free and using only Creative Commons resources. If you want to show your support and help me get more time and means to make more and better projects, you can use PayPal donations:


game.credits = function () {
game.showText(["Game created, developed and written by Yo252Yo."]);
game.showText(["Using the open source RPG framework RPGboss, albeit heavily modified and tweaked."]);
game.showText(["Title art, alpha testing: Mirukyu"]);
game.showText(["With assets from:"]);
game.showText(["RPGboss default assets, Mirukyu, Kenney game asset, Nanatsukai/yms, Flamingteddyproductions, Grandmadeb, Enterbrain/Tsukuru, Nanikasiratkool, Painhurt, Supercow (SMOT), 00asato112, Wikimedia, superkudit, Liberty's Editorium, Pandamaru, Bokou, Nekura, Pratham books"]);
game.showText(["RMN music pack, Ozzed, AshPash209, Kevin MacLeod (incompetech), boogie belgique, Krayzius, David Dekker,"]);
game.showText(["My deepest thanks and respect go to all these amazing artists without whom this game could never have been made. Thank you for putting your resources to open use and help better mankind!"]);
game.showText(["Thanks to Lorthan, Eyaris and a3nm for their testing."]); }