Software Engineer doing solo game dev in his spare time, interested in experimental projects at the crossroad of art, technology and philosophy.


I'm a simple engineer who couldn't settle into an office job. Even when studying, I used to do creative writing on the side, but through the 2010s I moved towards more interactive projects. That's where videogames come in as an extremely potent medium of exploration.

For now, I pursue these interests in my spare time, on the side of my job as Software Engineer for Google.



Ren's Demons I - trailerYouTube

You Doesnt Exist launch trailerYouTube

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Selected Articles

  • Never played game like this before, the only way how to discover what I am trying to say you is trying the game on your own. Everybody´s experience of this game will be very different, I just hope ur gonna like it.
    Dorbys, Steam
  • The game falls into the "Game and art" category, any review with less than 30 minutes of play will not render justice to it.
    Kyojin, Steam

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